An economical planter for your growing operation

The Kinze 3200 planter is a proven, simple, reliable, and economical solution for the farmer upgrading from a 6 row to a 12 row planter, or a growing operation requiring a larger planter, or a farm needing a second planter to fit into smaller fields. The wing fold design offers superior center flex for terraces and rolling terrain. With minimal hydraulic requirements and low cost of ownership, the 3200 provides a great return on investment.

3200 Frnt 12 R Liq Tu201801 740X450 3200 Flex 740X450 3200 Flex Tu201801 740X450

3200 Frnt 12 R Liq Tu201801 740X450 3200 Flex 740X450 3200 Flex Tu201801 740X450


  • 12 Row 70 cm
  • 12 Row 76 cm


  • Wing fold
  • Meter: Finger pickup, Brush, Vacuum 
  • Drive: Ground Contact
  • Seed Handling: Row Unit Hoppers
  • Fertilizer: Liquid
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Update your Kinze planter with new technologies to boost yield and increase profit.


Our Features

3200 Hydraulic Fold Hinge Point

Simple Wing Fold Frame

The wing fold design of the 3200 allows convenient transporting while providing sufficient space for fertilizer openers and other row unit mounted attachments. Optional hydraulic fold cylinders eliminate the need to manually fold the wings without the need for an additional SCV outlet. 

3200 Flex 550X400

Flex to Keep Row Units in the Dirt

A key to consistent seed depth, good emergence and ultimately profitability, is row units that can follow the terrain. With 25˚ of total toolbar flexibility, the row units on a 12 row 3200 maintain ground contact on rolling terrain and terraces, ensuring your seed is where it should be: in the ground. 

Kinze Vacuum Seed Meter 2

Precise Seed Metering

From the 99%+ accuracy of the True Rate™ vacuum meter, the simple versatility of the brush meter, to the proven design of the finger pick-up meter, Kinze offers a full line of meters to match your operation, crops and farming practices. To learn more about the differences and advantages of each meter, read more here

400 Gallons

Fertilizer Without Sacrifice

Fertilizer openers, 1,515 liters* of liquid fertilizer, along with row unit options, can all be carried on the Kinze 3200.  Equipped with a heavy 7x7 toolbar, it is designed to carry the weight so you can efficiently and productively plant y our crop and apply fertilizer.

*76 cm only

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