New Planter Technologies from Kinze

Williamsburg, Iowa (Feb. 14, 2018) – Building on its tradition of innovation, Kinze Manufacturing is introducing four new planter technologies at the 2018 National Farm Machinery Show to help farmers maximize performance and yield. 

Blue Vantage™ display offers the most intuitive user interface in the industry by displaying all the information farmers need on one screen. It features the most comprehensive diagnostics screen on the market, as well as high-definition mapping and graphs. The quick set-up requires only three clicks for farmers to go from turning on the display to planting. The Blue Vantage display is designed to be a “hitch-pin” solution, straight out of the box and ready to use. The rugged 12-inch touchscreen display has a durable, high definition, direct view anti-glare screen. Quick disconnect tablet dock and USB ports provide easy removal and data transfer.

Kinze Blue Drive™ electric drive integrates seamlessly with the Blue Vantage display to analyze crucial planting data. This electric drive system was designed by Kinze for Kinze, one manufacturer for all components and software updates. Another benefit of Blue Drive is curve compensation to reduce under or over-planting and provide consistent speed spacing for curves in the field and less wasted seed for improved profitability. Industry-leading Ethernet provides faster, more reliable connectivity, and individual row modules monitor and control each individual row unit. Fewer moving parts – no chains, drive shafts, clutches or gearboxes – reduce maintenance and repairs.

 Susanne Veatch, Kinze president and chief marketing officer, said Kinze Blue Vantage display and Blue Drive customer test units will be in the field during the 2018 season on Kinze’s 3660 and 4900 planters, and be available on these planter models for the 2019 planting season. It will be the first electric drive for the 3660 planter and next-generation electric drive on the 4900 model.

“Both new products were developed by Kinze’s recently established Electronics Division, which is located in North Liberty, Iowa,” she noted. “It is staffed by some of the best and brightest minds in the electronics industry for designing Kinze planter controls.”  Veatch added that most components for both products are manufactured by Kinze.

Kinze True Depth™ hydraulic down force provides row-by-row active control with down force and up force to ensure proper seed depth to maximize yield. It will be available on push and pull row units, with single valve control compared to multiple valve control on competitive systems. The True Depth system will be available on the 4900 16- and 24-row planter models, and the 3660 16-row planter including split rows. Launch timing will be announced at a later date.

Kinze brush meters are recognized for their accuracy, ease of use, durability and efficiency and this upgrade is no different.  Kinze Brush Meter 2.0 is the same great mechanical meter, but upgraded. It features a lightweight, impact-resistant design, quick change seed discs (including new wheat and cover crop discs for the first time) and can be completely disassembled without tools for quick and easy maintenance. Fitting all current Kinze 3000 and 4000 planter series row units, the Brush Meter 2.0 will be available for order in spring 2018 for planting 2019.  

Mach Till™ high-speed disc tillage equipment

As recently announced, Kinze is expanding its product lineup to include Mach Till high-speed disc tillage products, enabling farmers to stay ahead of the planter and cover more acres in less time. Mach Till Series model 331 will be on display in the Kinze booth at the National Farm Machinery Show.  Other models include the Mach Till 201, 261 and 401.

The new line is being licensed from Degelman Industries, and will be manufactured by Kinze at its Williamsburg, Iowa production plant. “Farmers will now be able to obtain three types of equipment from their Kinze dealer, all with the same standard of quality,” Veatch said. “The Mach Till product line allows Kinze and its dealer network to improve our already strong brand and have instant access to serve the growing hybrid horizontal tillage market with a proven product.  Dealers are excited to expand their product offerings and look forward to offering this great option for farmers.”

The new Mach Till product line includes 20-, 26-, 33- and 40-foot models. In addition to high speed (8-12 mph) and high capacity, these products shred and uniformly distribute residue, providing superior top and subsoil finish in clay, sand, loam, wet and dry soils. Other key features include:

Veatch noted that the Mach Till is not a vertical tillage machine, it is a machine to be used for what we’re calling hybrid horizontal tillage. “In this newly emerging hybrid horizontal tillage market in the U.S., speed is only one of many features and benefits,” she said. “The Mach Till can run fast at speeds of 8-12 mph, but the most important aspect is what’s happening in the ground. Hybrid horizontal tillage combines some of the benefits of conventional discs, vertical tillage and soil finishing products into one tool, integrating features of speed, good soil finish and uniform residue management in clay, sand, loam, wet and dry soils.”

Veatch added that the Mach Till cuts and throws the soil at an angle to avoid creating a smear or compaction layer in the dirt, then mixes the soil and residue together. The corrugated rubber roller on the back of the machine sheds soil and breaks up larger clods. “It consolidates the soil, bringing fine earth into contact with residue to optimize decomposition, leaving an eye appealing finish and the soil bed ready for spring planting,” she said.

“The Mach Till is the one tillage tool farmers must have on their farm operation,” Veatch said.


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