Robust, durable, and simple

The 3110 Kinze planter is the only rigid, mounted planter with contact drive and self-contained seed rate transmissions. Great in smaller fields, this 6- or 8-row planter is mounted to your tractor or other implements for ridge-till and strip-till management practices. 


  • 6 Row 30"
  • 6 Row 36-40"
  • 8 Row 30"
  • 8 Row 36-40"


  • Mounted
  • Meter: Finger Pickup, Brush, Vacuum
  • Drive: Ground Contact
  • No Split Rows
  • Seed Handling: Row Unit Hoppers
  • Available in: US / Canada, Other Regions
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Our Features

Exclusive Contact Drive and Self-Contained Seed Rate Transmissions

The 3110 Kinze planter is the only rigid, mounted planter with contact drive and self-contained seed-rate transmission. The seeding rates can be changed quickly for added convenience.

Bolt-on, height-adjustable drive/gauge wheel modules

Change row spacing. Adjust toolbar height for flatland planting or different heights for beds. Eliminate ground drive chains, reduce residue problems and avoid rocks or mud buildup with the optional front-mount conversion package for drive/gauge wheels. 

Vacuum or Mechanical Meters

Vacuum, finger pickup, or brush. Select the right one for your operation. Read more about the differences between vacuum and mechanical meters here

Simple contact drive module and easy access transmission

Quick, simple change of seed rates with spring-loaded idler arms to set tension and make ratio changes easy. Precision-cut plated sprockets are furnished for incremental rate adjustments. Lower hydraulic requirements. No tools required. No ground drive chains to deal with.

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