A Mounted Planter Packed with Features

Stack fold convenience, meter drive dependability, parallel linkage frame durability, and many other features are packed into the Kinze 3140 stack fold mounted planter. This 3-section, 12 or 16 row mounted planter provides the versatility needed for ridge-till, strip-till, gravity irrigation, and other specialized operations. Optional dual lift assist wheels increase transport ease and stability. 

3140 Tu201801 740X450 3140 Fold Tu201801 740X450

3140 Tu201801 740X450 3140 Fold Tu201801 740X450


  • 12 Row 30"
  • 12 Row 36 - 38"
  • 12 Row 38 - 40"
  • 16 Row 30"


  • Stack-fold Mounted
  • Meter: Finger Pickup, Brush, Vacuum
  • Drive: Ground Contact
  • No Split Rows
  • Seed Handling: Row Unit Hoppers
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Our Features

3140 Fold Tu201801 740X450

Flex to Keep Row Units in the Dirt

A key to consistent seed depth, good emergence and ultimately profitability, is a row unit that can follow the terrain. The patented frame enables the wings to flex 8˚ upward from the inboard hinge point. Additionally, the optional wing down flex cylinder package allows wings to flex 8˚ down for 16˚ of total wing flex. 

Metering Collage 550X400

Precise Seed Metering

From the 99%+ accuracy of the True Rate™ vacuum meter, the simple versatility of the brush meter, to the proven design of the finger pick-up meter, Kinze offers a full line of meters to match your operation, crops and farming practices. To learn more about the differences and advantages of each meter, read more here. 

23 3489 Hr

Hassle-Free Folding

Folding is easy with the Kinze 3140. Equipped with telescoping U-joint shafts, uncoupling the wing drive from the center section is unnecessary when folding. 

3140 Exclusive Features

And the Features Continue

The 3140 mounted planter is the only planter in its class with spring-loaded contact drive tires, adjustable height wheel modules, self-contained seed rate transmissions, and a point row-clutch option. 

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