An economical planter for your growing operation

The 3200 Kinze planter is an economical solution for the farmer moving from a 6-row to a 12-row planter, or a growing operation needing a larger planter, or a farm needing a second planter to fit into smaller fields. The wing fold 3200 offers superior center flex for terraces and rolling terrain. Limited hydraulic requirements. Low cost of ownership. Simple. Reliable. Proven.


  • 12 Row 30"


  • Wing Fold
  • Meter: Finger Pickup, Brush, Vacuum
  • Drive: Ground Contact
  • Seed Handling: Row Unit Hoppers
  • Fertilizer: Liquid
  • Available in: US / Canada, Other Regions
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Our Features

Optional Hydraulic Wing Fold

Eliminates the need to manually fold the wings. A selector valve lets you control row marker and wing folding functions using the same SCV outlet.

Vacuum and Mechanical Meters

Vacuum, finger pickup, or brush. Select the right one for your operation. Read more about the differences between vacuum and mechanical meters here.

400 Gallons of Liquid Fertilizer

The 7x7 toolbar is designed specifically to carry 400 gallons of liquid fertilizer. Even with that much capacity, you can add fertilizer openers without sacrificing row unit options like no-till coulters or residue cleaners.

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