Smaller planter. Countless capabilities.

Plant corn or beans with one planter. Because of its relatively smaller size, the Kinze 3500 Planter is a great planter with a split-row option for smaller farms and smaller field sizes. The pivot fold functionality creates narrow road transport and maneuverability. NEW for the 2018 planting season: the 3500 now offers bulk-fill hoppers for 50 bushels of seed-carrying capacity.


  • 6 Row 30"
  • 8 Row 30"


  • Pivot Fold
  • Meter: Finger Pickup, Brush, Vacuum
  • Drive: Ground Contact
  • Split Rows
  • Seed Handling: 50 bu. Bulk Fill, Row Unit Hoppers
  • Fertilizer: Liquid, Dry
  • Available in: US / Canada, Other Regions
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Our Features

Exclusive Pivot Fold

No other planter in this class gives you the ease of the pivot fold. The 3500 Kinze planter will lift and rotate to a narrow 11’2” transport width - as narrow as the tractor duals. And maintenance has never been easier. You can easily service the planter while standing.

Split Row Capable

Switch from standard to split rows with one planter. By design, the row units provide better residue flow and simple maintenance. Kinze’s exclusive push row units have better trash flow and seed placement accuracy than other narrow row planters.

Simple “Hitch Pin” Design

Use virtually any tractor. The 3500 has low hydraulic requirements and needs no electronics for plant-to-fold sequence. 

Vacuum or Mechanical Meters

Vacuum, finger pickup, or brush. Select the right one for your operation. Read more about the differences between vacuum and mechanical meters here.

Liquid or Dry Fertilizer

More options to fit your needs. The 3500 Pivot Fold Planter allows use of liquid or dry fertilizer options. Note: not available with split row option.

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