The Planter That Revolutionized Productivity

This is the groundbreaking and proven planter that brought push row units and the pivot fold frame design to fields everywhere. Starting with its proven design, and enhanced with improved productivity features, the 3600 dependably and efficiently plants acre after acre, year after year, for a great return on investment and trade-in value. Equipped with dry or liquid fertilizer, bulk or conventional hoppers, True Rate™ vacuum or mechanical meters, and numerous other options, the 3600 is the go-to planter for many farming operations.

3600 In Field 201710 740X450 3600 16 R32 Tu201801 740X450 3600 Frnt 16 R32 Asd Ev Liq Tu201801 740X450 3600 Transport Tu201801 740X450

Kinze 3600 Planter
3600 In Field 201710 740X450 3600 16 R32 Tu201801 740X450 3600 Frnt 16 R32 Asd Ev Liq Tu201801 740X450 3600 Transport Tu201801 740X450


  • 12 Row 30"
  • 12 Row 36"
  • 12 Row 38"
  • 16 Row 30"
  • 16 Twin Row 30"


  • Pivot Fold
  • Meter: Finger Pickup, Brush, Vacuum
  • Drive: Hydraulic, Ground Contact
  • Split Rows
  • Seed Handling: 80 bu. Bulk Fill, Row Unit Hoppers
  • Fertilizer: Liquid, Dry
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Our Features

3600 Flex 550X400

Flex to Keep Row Units in the Dirt

A key to consistent seed depth, good emergence and ultimately profitability, is row units that can follow the terrain. With 14˚ of total toolbar flexibility, the row units on the 3600 planter maintain ground contact on rolling terrain and terraces, ensuring your seed is where it should be: in the ground. 

3600 Transport Tu201801

Field to Road - Safe, Fast and Easy

The pivot fold frame of the 3600 quickly lifts and rotates to a narrow 11’ 2” transport width to get you quickly and safely down the road. Maintenance is also easier and more efficient with planter components at a comfortable working height. 

Split Row Kinze

Split Rows Without Slowing for Residue

Switch from 76 cm to 70 cm row spacing quickly and easily with one planter. With the exclusive Kinze push split row units positioned on twin tool bars, trash is able to flow easily and cleanly beneath the planter. This improves seed placement accuracy and planting efficiency over other split row planters. 

Metering Collage 550X400

Precise Seed Metering

From the 99%+ accuracy of the True Rate™ vacuum meter, the simple versatility of the brush meter, to the proven design of the finger pick-up meter, Kinze offers a full line of meters to match your operation, crops and farming practices. To learn more about the differences and advantages of each meter, read more here. 

3000 Series Drive Collage

Population Rates Matched to Your Fields

The Kinze  hydraulic drive reduces input costs, improves potential yields and is easily adjusted from the tractor seat or prescription map. Ground contact drive is also available as a smooth, reliable and easy-to-operate option.  Add Surestop™ electric row clutches for easy control of seed meters in headlands and waterways. 

3600 Frnt 16 R32 Asd Ev Liq Tu201801 740X450

Fertilizer Delivered Your Way

Fertilizer practices are dependent on your farming practices, and the 3600 planter provides plenty of options. Choose between liquid fertilizer (on all 3600 models) and dry fertilizer (row unit hopper models only) to closely manage this critical input cost and increase profitability. 

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