Pivot Fold Packed with Advanced Features

Built on the legacy of the proven 3600, the Kinze 3660 is the most advanced split row planter operating in fields today. The innovative frame design features an integral hydraulic weight transfer system, lifting rock axle, 26˚ of toolbar flex, and supports 120 bushels of seed capacity. The hydraulic meter drive system and control system seamlessly integrate with the latest farm management technology to further increase productivity and profitability. It can be equipped with True Rate™ vacuum or mechanical meters, liquid fertilizer, conventional hoppers, and numerous other options to match your operation. 

NEW for spring planting 2019, the Kinze Blue Vantage™ display and Kinze Blue Drive™ electric drive system will be available on the 3660. Learn more here.


  • 12 Row 30"
  • 16 Row 30"


  • Pivot Fold
  • Meter: Finger Pickup, Brush, Vacuum
  • Drive: Hydraulic
  • Split Rows
  • Seed Handling: 110 bu. Bulk Fill, Row Unit Hoppers
  • Fertilizer: Liquid
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Our Features

Advanced Frame Design

Experience added dependability and convenience of the robust and clean frame design. Equipped with an integrated vacuum manifold, a hydraulic weight transfer system, 26˚ of total toolbar flex, and breakaway markers, the frame is designed to handle the weight of bulk fill, fertilizer, and split row options. The rock axle design provides more clearance for crossing waterways, railways, and ground contours. 

Split Rows Without Slowing for Residue

Switch from 30” to 15” row spacing quickly and easily with one planter. With the exclusive Kinze push split row units positioned on twin tool bars, trash is able to flow easily and cleanly beneath the planter. This improves seed placement accuracy and planting efficiency over other split row planters.

Hassle-Free Seed Delivery

The 110 bu. bulk fill seed delivery system significantly reduces the downtime caused by plugging and bridging, by suspending and distributing seed in a constant stream of air. With a blower fan as the only moving part, maintenance is minimal. Easy clean out, an easy-access platform, and quick-lock lids make refilling faster and easier. 

Precise Seed Metering

From the 99%+ accuracy of the True Rate™ vacuum meter, the simple versatility of the Brush Meter 2.0, to the proven design of the finger pick-up meter, Kinze offers a full line of meters to match your operation, crops and farming practices. To learn more about the differences and advantages of each meter, read more here

Reduce Pinch Row Compaction

Pinch row soil compaction causes more problems than you can see – it reduces the amount of oxygen and water that reach plant roots, potentially reducing yield. The Kinze hydraulic weight transfer system automatically distributes the weight of the bulk fill hoppers across the width of the toolbar, potentially reducing yield loss due to pinch row compaction. 

Field to Road - Safe, Fast and Easy

The pivot fold frame of the 3660 quickly lifts and rotates to a narrow 11’ 2” transport width to get you quickly and safely down the road. An integral rock axle quickly lifts the planter at headlands and provides optimal clearance through the field. 

Low-Rate Fertilizer

Onboard fertilizer capacities range from 550 gallons when equipped with bulk fill hoppers, to 600 gallons with conventional hoppers, with many different opener options available. Improve row-to-row consistency at very low rates with the optional John Blue piston pump. For in-furrow application of fertilizer, a liquid drop tube option is easily added. 

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