This planter defines versatile

Configure the 30-inch 4900 Kinze planter to suit your operation with multiple drive, meter, and fertilizer options. This planter has the flexibility to be set up with ground contact drive, hydraulic drive, or with electric drive for row-by-row population customization and curve compensation. Build it your way for your operation. 


  • 12 Row 30"
  • 16 Row 30"
  • 24 Row 30"
Only Available:



  • Front Fold
  • Meter: Vacuum, Finger Pickup, Brush
  • Drive: Electric, Hydraulic, Ground Contact
  • Hydraulic Weight Transfer
  • No Split Rows
  • Seed Handling: 120 bu. Bulk Fill on 16 and 24 row configurations and 90 bu. for 12 row configurations, Row Unit Hoppers
  • Fertilizer: Liquid
  • Available in: US / Canada
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Update your Kinze planter with new technologies to boost yield and increase profit.


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Our Features

4000 Series Row Unit

Cast-iron construction provides superior durability in rugged field conditions. 12 inches of row unit travel ensures ideal seed depth in varying field conditions. Learn more about this innovative design. 

3-section Bar. 42-Degree Wing Flex.

Superior ground contact across the toolbar on rolling terrain and terraces. 21 degrees up, 21 degrees down.

Hydraulic Weight Transfer Comes Standard

Evenly distributes weight of the bulk fill hoppers across the toolbar, improving depth control and reducing potential yield loss due to pinch row compaction.

Easy to Transport, Easy to Turn Front Fold Planter

Easy folds to a narrow 12’ width, making it easy to transport. The flip axle (24 row only) allows for a shorter turning radius when in transport position.

Seed metering options

Vacuum, finger pickup, or brush. Select the right one for your operation. Read more about the differences between vacuum and mechanical meters here.

120 Bushel Capacity Bulk Fill Hoppers

The tank design angles downward for fast, easy clean out. An easily accessible platform and quick-lock lids give you faster filling. (90 bushel capacity on the 12-Row 4900 planter.)

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