PO Terms and Conditions

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Kinze PO Terms and Conditions (revised 02/18/2015)

Kinze Standard No. Z0236 - Zinc Plating Specification (revised 07/25/2013)

Kinze Standard No. Z0244 - Fabrication Tolerance & Workmanship (Revised 01/05/18)

Kinze Standard No. Z0247 - Product Safety Label Specification (Revised 08/13/2010)

Kinze Standard No. Z0248 - Kinze Blue Powder Coat (Revised 01/29/2013)

Kinze Standard No. Z0249 - Kinze Semi Gloss Black Powder Coat (Revised 03/18/2011)

Kinze Standard No. Z0254 - Paint Standards (Revised 01/10/2014)

Kinze Standard No. Z0288 - Assignment And Application Of Reference Designators (Revised 07/29/2015)

Kinze Standard No. Z0298 - Electronics Workmanship Standard (Revised 02/23/18)

EG-F830-01 Deviation / Waiver Approval Request Form

QA-P751-01 PPAP Process

QA-F751-02 PPAP Checklist and Forms

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