Your Seed Will Thank You

Row-by-row control that gives you the ability to plant accurately where you need to. Precise placement equates to higher yields and maximized profitability. The new Blue Drive™ electric drive system is designed to seamlessly integrate with the new Blue Vantage™ display to analyze and report critical planting data and place your seed exactly where it needs to go.

Available On: 4900 Planter, 3660 Planter, 4700 Planter

Blue Drive Key Features

Designed In House Feature 4 550X400

Designed For Easy Maintenance

Blue Drive reduces the number of moving parts and the maintenance that mechanical drive systems have that leads to costly upkeep. Built with Kinze proven dependability and quality that gives you a system you can count on year after year, acre after acre.

System Architecture 4900 Ethernet Chaining Extbackground 550X400

System Architecture

Service made easy. When things do happen, being able to quickly diagnose and troubleshoot means you can get right back to planting.

Individual Row Modules Img 1210 550X400

Individual Row Modules

Each row unit is individually monitored and controlled for optimum seed placement. Taking accuracy and agronomic precision to a whole new level. This is how planting should be done.

Curve Compensation 550X400

Showing Love for Curves

Curve compensation independently adjusts every row providing accurate, consistent seed spacing and row population, eliminating overcrowded inside rows and lightly populated outside rows.

Section Control 550X400

Section Control

Say goodbye to overlap. Stop the row when it is meant to be stopped. Blue Drive offers industry-leading, unmatched split row and set-back row shut-off performance.

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