Sometimes You Just Want to Plant

Planting should be easy, especially when all you want to do is plant. The ability to just plant is key when you have a narrow window of opportunity to get your crops in. The Blue Vantage display offers a simple, easy-to-use user interface that communicates directly with your Kinze planter. Simply confirm the settings...and away you go!

Available On: 4900 Planter, 3660 Planter, 4700 Planter

Blue VantageTM Key Features

Bv Intuitive Feature Edited 550X400

Intuitive & Easy to Use

Three clicks. That's it. Really, it's that simple. Turn on the display, and in three clicks, you are planting. Need we say any more?

20181129 Blue Vantage Tablet With Health Screen Embedded 550X400

Comprehensive Diagnostic Screen

Quickly identify and diagnose system component performance when needed, allowing you to maximize your planting time. 

20181129 Blue Vantage Tablet With Plant Screen Embedded 550X400

Optimized Plant Screen Layout

A single screen provides all critical planting parameters and controls. This display is simple, smart and user-friendly. You get efficient planter control that allows you to get the most from your Kinze planter.

Bv High Speed Ethernet Img 1178 550X400

High-Speed Ethernet Communication

Provides fast, reliable and dedicated connection to the planter for worry-free communication during the times when you depend on your equipment and technology. System and software updates load fast.

Bv 12 Inch Display Features Edited 550X400

Rugged 12" Touch Screen Display

Easy-to-read, high-definition screen is controlled with touch, pinch and zoom screen actions. Built for tough outdoor environments, the rugged display offers dependability for when you need it most.

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