Hydraulic Down Force for Accurate and Consistent Seed Depth

Controlling and achieving a consistent seed depth is important for optimal crop emergence. Seed depth control has a direct effect on bushels per acre. Allow your planter to perform its best with the Kinze True Depth hydraulic down force system - the best solution for achieving desired results in varying field conditions.  

Available On: 4900 Planter, 4700 Planter, 3660 Planter, 3600 Planter

True DepthTM Key Features

True Depth Roots Img 6521 550X400

It’s All About Healthy Roots

Proper seed placement is key to creating the environment for maximum yield and healthy root structure. Minimizing sidewall compaction while maintaining consistent planting depth means getting the stand you deserve.

20180510 Td Ctu Jones Voss 4900 Img 9530 Rby R 550X400

Row-by-Row Control

Instantly apply row-by-row down force or uplift. Load links that measure individual gauge wheel load that provides instantaneous response time at 200 times per second. 

Td Large Cylinder Pull Row Unit 550X400

Single Valve Control with Large Cylinder Rod

Robust cylinder with chrome plated barrel designed to handle the toughest conditions. Built for durability, and yet still serviceable. One valve means less hoses, and less complexity. It makes for a clean system that performs for you.

Td Single Valve Push Row Unit 550X400

Split Row Lift Assist

When it comes time to switch from beans to corn on your split row planter, True Depth offers lift assist for making it easier to raise your push row units for storage. 

20180501 4900 Td Ctu Jd 8370 Rt Copy 550X400

Designed by Kinze for Kinze

Components that are designed for your specific planter. Including robust load links that are cast and fully potted for long term reliability. Not an add-on system, or something that requires major modifications. It's simply designed to make your Kinze planter better for optimal seed placement.

True Depth Display 550X400

Dedicated 7" Display

A dedicated, simple and easy-to-use display that gives row-by-row control and monitoring.

Td Retrofit

Available as a Retrofit Kit on Select Planter Models

Are you looking to improve the accuracy of your current planter? True Depth is available as a retrofit kit on several select Kinze planter models.

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