Kinze Testimonial Infographic Cortland Nebraska 01


Cortland, Nebraska


Corn and Soybeans


3660 16 Row Planter
600 Grain Cart
1050 Grain Cart

What was your first Kinze product?

The first Kinze planter that dad bought was a 12 row econo-fold with liquid fertilizer and coulters. At that time, we were applying all our fertilizer when we planted, so it was kind of a neat deal to have the coulters and the tanks on the planter and be able to apply large volumes of fertilizer as we planted.

What keeps you coming back to Kinze?

I would say two things. First, the service behind the sale. We really enjoy the service provided by our Kinze dealer. Just the knowledge their servicemen provide, and the inventory of parts that they have on hand. Another thing would be strength and durability in the equipment. You know Kinze doesn’t make anything lightweight. 

Craig's Full Testimonial Video

Watch the video below to learn about Craig's Kinze equipment and why he stays true to blue.

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