Kinze Testimonial I Dan Brettnacher Indiana


Brookston, Indiana    


Corn and Soybeans


4900 Planter and 3700 Planter

What was your first Kinze product?

The first Kinze product on our farm was a 2600 planter in the early nineties. We had a 16-31 and put the extra row on and had really good luck with it. The row units lasted forever. It’s just a very good product, a proven product. And that’s basically why we’ve continued to use Kinze to this day. 

What else keeps you coming back to Kinze?

We continue to use Kinze products because of the technology and because we believe in the products. We’ve checked some of the other brands and we didn’t have as good of luck. Kinze is a simple machine. It’s a proven machine. And I believe that’s all I’ll ever use on our farm. 

Dan's Full Testimonial Video

Watch the video below to learn how Kinze's technology makes a difference on Dan's family farm.

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