Kinze Testimonial Infographic Jim Mc Gee 03


District Sales Manager at Kinze Manufacturing


26 years


Indiana and Michigan

What makes Kinze different?

I believe that the Kinze ownership, being a privately held company, really distinguishes Kinze and separates us from the large corporations in agriculture. I think farmers relate to that because they often operate family farms, too. To work with a family business like Kinze Manufacturing makes a difference for our customers. 

How does Kinze stay innovative?

Many of our innovations have been directly from comments from customers. At some other companies, you’re mainly just an account number. Kinze is different because we listen to our customers. We can relay comments direct from customers to the engineers and product specialists, and they actually listen to it. Many of the improvements that we’ve made have been because of things our customers noticed.

Jim’s Full Testimonial Video

Watch the video below to learn about Jim McGee’s experience working with Kinze and the feedback he hears from his customers.

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