Kinze Testimonial Infographic Troy Hansen 01


Irene, South Dakota


Corn and Soybeans


4900 16 Row

What was your first Kinze product?

In 2004, we bought a Kinze 3600 with split rows. We’d had a neighbor who planted our beans for us with that planter, and we really liked the job it did. So when we decided to get our next planter, that’s the planter we got, a 12-23 3600 planter. Boy they’re built solid. And they’re reliable. We’ve had no problems with our Kinze planters. Just year in and year out it does a great job for us. Neighbors compliment too on the spacing and things like that.

What keeps you coming back to Kinze?

Kinze planters are just very reliable. And the sky is the limit with the technology available. 2014 was our first year with the Kinze 4900 planter, and I was just really impressed. I have a neighbor who’s a seed dealer, and he was also impressed with the singulation, saying it was a lot better than some of the other plots they’d been around looking at.

Troy’s Full Testimonial Video

Watch the video below to learn about how Troy's fields with accurate seed spacing are something to talk about.

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