Shred heavy fall residue, open up spring fields, level ruts, destroy clods, and produce a nearly ideal seedbed for planting. The NEW Kinze Mach Till 201 hybrid horizontal tillage tool is the most versatile tillage choice for your farming operation. Running at speeds of 8 to 12 mph, the Mach Till 201 uses two rows of discs and a corrugated roller to fracture, lift, mix, break up, level, and firm the soil. The result is a seedbed mix where 60% of residue is mixed into the soil, and 40% remains on top as mulch to protect it.  Mach Till can be used in the fall to shred residue and again in the spring to prepare the seedbed for planting.

The Mach Till tillage tool combines the benefits of vertical tillage, conventional tillage, and soil finishing tools into one versatile machine. The Mach Till is not a vertical tillage implement – it is a hybrid horizontal tillage tool that is quickly gaining popularity in North America.  While it is a high-speed implement, that is only one of its many features and benefits – the most important benefit is what’s happening in the ground. The Mach Till integrates features of speed, uniform residue management and good soil finish in clay, sand, loam, wet and dry soils.  

The Mach Till cuts and throws the soil at an angle to avoid creating a smear or compaction layer in the dirt, and then mixes the soil and residue together. The corrugated rubber roller on the back of the machine sheds soil, and breaks up larger clods. It brings fine earth into contact with residue to optimize decomposition, leaving an eye-appealing finish.  The Mach Till is heavy built for speed and deep working depth, with large wide tires and a rear corrugated rubber roller to minimize compaction.

For more information, check out the Mach Till blog post.


  • Operation Width: 20 feet


  • Acres/hour: up to 30
  • Tractor HP: 350 hp fall; 300 hp spring (requirements may vary due to terrain and field conditions)
  • Available in: US / Canada, Other Regions
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Our Features

High Speed & High Capacity

Designed to run at 8 to 12 mph, the Mach Till 201 can till at rates up to 30 acres/hour. Equipped with rubber suspension independent disc arms that allow over 11" of clearance, even rocks and uneven fields don’t slow it down.

Plain or Double "V" Concave Disc

The ¼" thick x 20" diameter concave discs are available in plain or double "V" designs. For tilling and inverting soil, the plain style is preferred, while the double-V design has more edge area for high cutting power.

Optimum Soil Finishes

The first row of discs fracture the soil and chop residue. The second row of discs turn the soil over and incorporate residue throughout the working depth. The trailing Otico® Furrow Roller then consolidates, levels, and firms the soil to prevent erosion and provide a seedbed that promotes faster germination. Equipped with carbide scrapers, the furrow roller is kept clean with carbide scrapers that have 10 times the wear of standard scrapers.

Easy Operation. Robust. Simple.

From the heavy and durable frame, the unobstructed trash flow design, to the easy-to-make cylinder adjustments, the Mach Till 201 Speed Disc is designed to effortlessly and efficiently get tillage work done. Weighing in at 19,500 pounds, there is no need for additional weights to tackle difficult conditions and properly penetrate the soil.

Easy Hook Up & Low Maintenance

Hooking up to the Mach Till 201 is simple and safe with easy to identify and use hydraulic couplers, and a robust, hydraulically operated jack stand. Equipped with maintenance-free bearings, carbide roller scrapers, composite bushings, and over-sized pins throughout, when the 201 gets to the field, it can keep rolling until the job gets done.

More Flotation, Less Compaction

High flotation radial tires provide an extremely wide footprint area for maximum performance in wet soil conditions. The shape of the contact area is specially designed to minimize the impact on soil structure.

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