By: Kinze Manufacturing

“Kinze has been on our farm a very long time and I don’t see it going away,” shares Troy Adam of Richland, Iowa. “My mom and dad - their first Kinze product I believe they had - was an 840 grain cart. And I remember running that grain cart when I was a little boy on the weekends for Dad.” 

Now Troy and his family have a 4900 planter that follows in the tire tracks of the many other pieces of Kinze equipment owned by the Adams. Troy describes his experience with the 4900 as, “The 4900 - we had a great experience with! Besides the seed meter and how awesome it has been, I also like how the planter flexes and how I can control down-pressure from the cab."

To learn more about why Troy is such a fan of the 4900 planter, watch his testimonial video.

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