By: Kinze Manufacturing

Kinze Mach Till Hybrid-Horizontal Tillage Tool

Kinze's lineup of Mach Till hybrid-horizontal tillage tools were announced at the Farm Equipment Machinery Show in February 2018. Available in sizes from 20' to 40', these heavy-built implements are designed to shred heavy residue in the fall and produce an ideal seedbed for planting in the spring. Running at speeds of 8 to 12 mph, the Mach Till uses two rows of concave discs and a corrugated roller to fracture, lift, mix, break up, level, and firm the soil. 

At a presentation given in April of 2018, Kinze product specialist, Justin Render, explains how the Mach Till tillage system works and how it is different from vertical and conventional tillage tools.

For more information on the full lineup of Mach Till tillage tools, visit or your local Kinze dealer.

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